Automated Smart Coupons

huge improvement over

traditional Print or deal site coupons

BETTER Reach in the Local Market For Your Offer!

how it works

Don't have a Coupon or voucher? — We'll design one for you!


  • Campaign strategy and design

  • Digitally delivered coupons

  • Tracking of all claimed coupons

  • SMS & Email follow-up sequences to improve conversions

  • Tracking of all redemptions

  • Revenue tracking with fraud prevention

  • Dashboard access for reporting

  • Huge cost/benefit improvement over traditional print/mailer campaigns

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Smart Coupons PlanS

Cost-effective packages within reach of every small business

Digital Co-op display ad campaigns and social media strategies that get your offer seen — even on our basic plan.

No more 'pay and pray' ad campaigns that don't track return on your ad spend.

What You Don’t Have to Pay For or Worry About!

  • Trying to find the right audience to target

  • Trying to learn how to do Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook Ad Agency costs (often $1,500 minimum per month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a Facebook ads offer?

A: No. These are off-Facebook display ads so your reach is expanded to non-Facebook prospects

Q: Where will my ads be displayed?

A: We use real-time bidding (RTB) networks to reach some of the most popular sites on the web. Subscribers to our network include some of the biggest traffic websites like History Channel, Fox News, Sports Illustrated, and the Weather Channel.

Q: Are these the only options for ad impression counts?

A: No. We can tailor custom campaigns to your needs, including expanding to other geographic areas.


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